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About me

  • Alexandre Défossez, .
  • Research scientist at Meta AI / FAIR Paris.
  • Formerly CIFRE PhD student at FAIR Paris and Sierra at INRIA Paris, under the supervision of Léon Bottou (FAIR), Nicolas Usunier (FAIR) and Francis Bach (INRIA).
  • [scholar] [github] [twitter]


Convex and non convex optimization, stochastic gradient methods, source separation, audio processing and synthesis. Amateur DJ and composer [artist website].





Gave one lecture on Deep Learning at Scale at Mines Paritech for the PSL week on Large-Scale Machine Learning. The slides and code are available on the lesson github.


Teaching assistant for the Deep Learning: Do-It-Yourself! class at Ecole Normale Superieure:


I wrote my PhD manuscript on the Optimization of Fast Deep Learning Network for Audio Analysis and Synthesis. Half of it is on audio synthesis and source separation, and the other half is on adaptive and stochastic optimization.